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LEFT-RIGHT brain marketing to spark business growth 
based in Luxembourg

Does your brand resonate with your audience?

Yes, no, maybe, don’t know?


LUNIR's marketing offering is based on 4 pillars:




Through data, critical analysis, auditing, we can better understand what your audience wants and what your brand needs.

  • consumer intelligence

  • digital landscape 

  • market analysis 

  • white space identification

  • SEO audit 


Strategising Content.jpg


To smash your marketing goals and avoid wasted efforts, you need a strategic game plan.


  • communications strategy

  • channel planning 

  • content planning 

  • audience targeting

  • brand identity & voice refinement


Graphic Designer Working


The fun part! To bring your brand to life, you need powerful content that captures attention and builds your brand identity.

  • content creation and execution 

  • web design & support 

  • branding 

  • paid media 

  • campaign execution


Colleagues at Work


Always better, never best. Regular monitoring and optimisation ensures your marketing is always ahead of the curve. 

  • analytics

  • reporting 

  • campaign optimisation 

  • website maintenance 

  • channel maintenance 

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Founder's Story

Michel Mahieu: 

"Hey! I’m Michel.

You only really get to know a company when you know about the people behind it, so here’s a bit about me (more about LUNIR further down).
I’m originally from South Africa, and I currently find myself in the little gem called Luxembourg.

What gets me up in the morning?

I have a strong passion for both creativity and data, which landed me in the exciting world of online marketing – a place where a nerdy nature and arty vibes can be happily married!


Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to gain experience across many areas of the marketing business, both in the industry and on client side, and I’ve found a special spot for digital strategy, data tools and content creation.


I’ve had the privilege of working with many of the world’s most established and well-known brands, and I enjoyed helping them maximise their online communication efforts.


However, I’ve found a deeper enthusiasm for helping smaller businesses grow and build a brand that people love. 

That’s the thrill that gets me up in the morning.

What gets me through the rest of the day?

No one likes wasted efforts, and I believe in doing marketing cleverly, by powering creativity with data and analytics. I’ve too often seen these components separated, resulting in a communication disconnect that limits the possibility to achieve impactful marketing.

That’s why LUNIR was born – to bridge the gap between creativity and analytics, empowering businesses to reach their goals effectively and with less wasted time and resources.

What else?

My passion for creativity spills over into my personal hobbies, and on the weekend you can probably find me adventuring somewhere, capturing the beauty of the world through a lens.

I’m also a self-diagnosed drone junkie… Come along and see what I see: "

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Founders Story



LUNIR was founded in Luxembourg by Michel Mahieu, a digital marketer with a great passion for left and right brain thinking. He has worked with many of the world's greatest brands, and has experience across multiple areas of digital marketing.

Since its establishment, LUNIR has worked with a range of companies in various sectors, including consumer goods, sports, professional services, education, and non-profit. 


LUNIR’s aim is to break the norm, rock the boat and excite people with work that has never been done before!

Our vision is to help our clients connect better with their audience by having a voice and brand identity that resonates with them.


We do this by combining critical analysis and calculated strategy with creativity and innovation, to power the digital marketing approach to the next level.


As every client is unique, we offer a tailored and flexible approach to suit to the specific needs of your business.  

Whether you need a full-service digital marketing solution, or particular design, content, analytic or marketing services, get in touch to see how we can help you

Feel free to get in touch with us to know more.

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